Friday 23 March 2012

Outside comfort zone!

My blog references mistakes, and boy, have I made some!! When I left for work on Wednesday, I was sure I had made another one with my outfit choice. I'd opted for my Inspire Green Skater dress, my big belt, and my new shoes from SimplyBe (Viva La Diva, I do love thee!).

I failed in my attempt to take photos of the shoes, but I reckon they deserve a post of their own soon enough!

I felt confident in this, although looking at the photos, I am glad I wore this with my skinny jeans underneath, at least for work anyways!!

The dress is a lovely fit, although without the belt, it is rather shapeless - I chose to change the leopard print belt that came with it for this wider one as I needed the cinching I think!

So I think this could have been a mistake, but it seems to have worked this time! Just goes to show that fashion is about taking risks, stepping outside of your comfort zone. And sometimes you just want to say F*CK FLATTERING!!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Definitely not a mistake you absolute hottie :) you look gorgeous! xx

    1. Thank you my lovely! Just getting to grips with the belt options!


      K x

  2. I see no mistake here, luv. You look fantastic! ^^d
    Love the dress with the jeans and the belt gives
    it that OOMPH ^^d hih Have a great weekend! MMxoxo

  3. Looks like a lovely outfit. fuck flattering should be my new motto. I'm a lover of patterend leggings, horizontal stripes and highwasted jeans :] FUCK FLATTERING INDEED X

  4. I really like it :) If my dresses feel too short I wear my beth ditto jeans under them for a bit of confidence, but you have lovely legs anyway!!

  5. I love the green on you. No mistakes here missy. x

  6. That dress is lovely on you <3