Tuesday 6 March 2012

Pacing Cupcakes...

In this post, I discussed my experience with pain management, and the scars my body bears as a result of 4 operations.

It seems, as with most chronic conditions, that a flare up wasn't far away from me, and I am in the process of a painful flare up at the moment.

So at times like this, I refer back to my work book, and the key thoughts I took from the course I attended.

I could fill this text field with all the strategies I use, but I wanted to discuss just ONE with you today.

I'm not sat, hunched over the computer, forcing myself to write a blog post - quick, before the pain killers wear off! - no, I'm writing a sentence, maybe two, until my time is up, then I'm walking over to the kitchen top, where I'm in the process of trying to make cupcakes. Then once my allotted time is over with the cupcakes, I'm sitting doing a Sudoko. Then kneeling blogging. Then cupcaking...

So in that little interlude, I've just measured out my ingredients. Into little Blue Peter style bowls! Haha. But the point is to break the activity into manageable chunks. I've already managed the washing up - clearing my preparation area.

My pain, being over where my appendix should be, is awkward. It is not like I can stop using a shoulder, or walk with a limp. It is in the core stomach muscels, and sometimes I get referred pain in my back, where the nerves get a little confused. Sorry, distracted myself there.

This pain flare up is different though, I know there is something accute going on, not just my chronic condition. Instead of popping opiates and sleeping my sickleave away, I'm trying to manage it through techniques, managing the pain through different methods. This week you will hear more about the other useful strategies, but now, the cupcakes need starting!

They're now into cook.

And it is as simple as that. But it is often the simple little strategies which we forget, in the fast pace world of modern life.

I just slept yesterday, and it was a wasted day. This morning, after bloods were taken, I was so tempted to repeat. But then, the Big Black Dog that stalks me, usually in step with the flare ups, would have well and truly got a hold of me. And I don't want him to win. So, in terms of accomplishments, I've turned a corner today. And maybe baked. **fingers crossed**

Much love my lovelies, I'm off to start another batch!

K x


  1. I can't imagine living life in the way you have to at the moment. Your bravery astounds me. Thank you so much for sharing this. Wishing you a speedy end to your pain X

    1. Thank you my dear. Maybe 2 years ago I would have crawled under a rock and let the black dog get me.

      Now, I want more. So positive outlook where possible.

      I just wish someone had told me 2 years ago there was a way out. So hope this gets a google search for pain management and someone finds this if they need it.

      K x

  2. Kathryn you are such a strong lady and this is an inspiring post. I think we get used to rushing around and thinking everything has to be done yesterday we forget the simple pleasures in life. I hope the cakes turned out well. xXx