Thursday 1 March 2012

Call To Arms

Hi my lovely bloggers and bloggees a like!

I've been planning a little challenge, and I was wondering if anyone would care to join me?

I'm going to pull together all the items I have from one specific retailer, and explain why I have such a relationship with that brand / make etc.

It doesn't have to be clothes, it can be make up, music, books... I just think it would be powerful to see just how much we accumulate without realising it.

We will then link each other in our posts to get a little bit of traffic our way?

Anyone with me?

Much love,



  1. I am doing a 30for30 Challenge through march with Claire and some others are taking part, but I would love to do this two, will keep the blog varied and be fun too :) xx are we doing the same topic or picking our own! xx

    1. Hi Mhairi,

      You can chose your own (I'm not that cruel), and lie all your items out.

      I might do another in 2 months, where we chose a different category. But that is in the future!

      I've already chosen my 'brand'. Not clothing either!

      Once we know who is involved, we can plan a publish date.

      K x

  2. I am thinking something not clothing too, I can be a little obsessive about certain things and my collections grow :) xx

  3. fab idea - just trying to think what to do.... can't be Inspire, everyone knows i love that...yawn! Lol x

  4. I'm in. :] not sure what I will do yet but I will most likely do it on sunday becasue i'm busy tomorrow and saturday! XXXX

  5. I'd like to have a go at this too! Not sure yet what I would do it on yet but I'd definitely like to join in =)