Sunday 29 April 2012

Weekend Woes

Well, after a better (not great, but better) night's sleep on Friday night, my Mam and I headed to Costco (Warehouse Store / Cash & Carry store). Again, having something planned for my days give me something to get out of bed for, something to get ready for. Some would say to get back to work, but when it takes me 2 hours to get ready, rather than 40 mins due to the pain I'm in, it makes things a little hard!

I tried Gel Eyeliner for the first time - and either I had too much on the brush, or it's not for me, but it got all over my eye socket, until I figured covering it in eyeshadow and blending it might work - so it looked like the picture below!

Also, how straight is my FRINGE!!

I opted for this dress - and my Mam is right, it is too short, but I do feel great in it, so I wore it anyway!

Costco, was as always, great fun: we bought basics like loo roll,  mushrooms and printer cartridges, but also picked up a big jar of Nutella, my birthday present (iPod dock) and some shoes for my Mam and her holiday to Florida in a couple of months. 

A successful, fun trip, but tiring. I attempted to nap, but glad it didn't last too long!


Sleep was uneasy, but was teaching at Sunday School with my Mam, and had Sunday lunch booked with my Grandma, so busy meant up and at 'em!

I managed to snap a photo in the car on the way into church - my twitter necklace went down well! - I'd teamed it with my ! ! skirt and managed to get out the house in time! Although the fringe wasn't as straight as well as yesterday, but this was the best I could manage!

Lunch was lovely, but tiring after running around with the Sunday School children! So headed home for a nap, before photographing for eBay... to find that eBay won't let me list what I'd wanted to list. I've added more items to the blog sale page above - tweet me, email me, comment on here, which ever, and I'll get back to you!

Not the best of weekends, but not too bad. Hope this week gets better, but I have things planned for most days this week, so no wallowing for me!

Much love my lovelies, and I hope your weekend was a good one,

K x


  1. Hi, just wanted to say that i just started following your blog, and I love it! Up until now all the Fashion blogs I had followed were all sort of southern or Canadian. It's nice to read you blog about places I know (I frequent Costco!) in the North East.

    tasha xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Tasha!

      I'll be reviewing the new Simply Be store in the MetroCentre on Wednesday, so something for you to look forward to!

      K x

  2. I love your twitter necklace where is it from if you don't mind me asking ? Also I love the print of the dress it's really cute xx

    1. The Twitter Necklace was from - I just asked on twitter if I should pay £35 for a Tatty Devine necklace - and it was recommended I should contact them for one for £16! I love mine more than my normal Kathryn tatty necklace!

      And the dress is a Simply Be dress - think it is still available, but not sure.

      K x

  3. I'm a bit of a fan of gel liner as I find liquid really hard to do without making a mess of it. My trick though is that I have a really fine angled, high quality brush and I think thats what makes it good to use - most posts where I'm rocking the liner, thats what I've got on!

    I really adore your twitter necklace....I've been super excited to see the finished product in situ since you first tweeted about it! It looks great on you!

    Oh, and I love places that are like Costco...the one I usually go to is called Makro, and its mind-boggling what sort of stuff you can come home with!