Thursday 5 April 2012

My 100th

I've been wondering what to do to celebrate my 100th post...

I know some who have had giveaways, but I was leaning more towards a comtemplative post. But something worthy of my 100th post of prattling on about whatever seemingly pops into my mind tank? Then it hit me.

I'm going to use it to say thank you to this wonderful gorgeous woman:
I met her at a focus group, and we agreed on a number of points, including the idea that we needed more women shaped like us modeling, that we needed more fashion forward items to choose from, and that mainly, we wanted COLOUR!!

She pointed me in the direction of her lovely blog at the end of the morning, which had me leaving with this dress:
But that was nothing in comparison with what else I left with.

I left with my inspiration (yes, G was my blogging inspiration) to start a blog. It was nurtured through my decision to re-try twitter. It grew as I read more and more blogs. And then it was born on 27 November 2011.

And now I'm at my 100th post.

Georgina has been a supporter of mine from the start. Whenever I feel as though I've been presumptious to assume I can blog, she RTs me, or messages me with compliments.

I may have only spent a couple of hours in her company, but I know that they set me on the path I am on now.

I also wanted to thank you all for putting up with my poorly taken photos, and my prolific postings!

If I go on like this, by my 6 month birthday, I'll be at 150 posts! It is not something I monitor, or force. I blog because the thoughts whirl around in my head. I sometimes schedule these thoughts, but then, I'm already thinking of the next post.