Thursday 19 April 2012

Go Team Planning!

Today, I won my battle with the Black Dog, by getting through the day one hour at a time.

And by planning my day, I needed to get at it!

I planned to be up and out the house by 12, giving me time to slowly get ready, pacing my morning routine and not putting too much stress on myself. 

So, outfit wise, I didn't want to push the boat out too much, so opted for my New Look Inspire Skater dress, with my black nurses belt, and Simply Be skinny jeans. I added my Team Brassique prize of my Jewellery by Jax necklace. 


And off I went to Sadie The Bra Lady. Now, the last time I was there, I was safely a 38GG, whereas in this visit I was trying on bras from 34K, to a 36H, just to show how much fluctuation there is between manufacturers and makes. 

I came away with one bra, which will do to start me off, and will mean that I can start to build up a collection of good fitting bras over the coming months!

Once home, I settled on the task of making lunch, and organising things, switching my activities as much as I could to make sure I didn't worsen my pain by staying in the same position too long.


  1. oooh loves the colour very much xx

  2. That dress looks lovely on you, hope you feel better soon xx

  3. The dress is so cute! Love the green. <3
    And a good fitting bra is a must ne. ^^d
    Always makes me stand taller to have good support. ^^d

    Ps. Nominated you for a bloggie award so please check if interested ^^d

  4. You are so beautiful. And that green is a perfect colour for you. I ADORE the last pic of you especially. Glad you're finding ways of getting through the days xxx

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