Thursday 19 April 2012

Positive Pain Management

Well, a week of roller coaster proportions!

After a positive start with my Pain Management Programme Annual Review / Conference (which I 'live tweeted' under the #pmp), leaving the day invigorated and positive, I then suffered a set back yesterday, where my confidence was knocked, and my joie de vivre seemed to have all but completely disappeared. Today is another day, and I learnt my lesson from yesterday, and I've planned my time, and activities to stretch throughout the day, so hopefully things will start looking up for me. 

Monday was an odd day, where plans were haphazard, and my mindtank was slipping into a dark place. This was clear in a twitter interaction, and I would like to apologise for that. 

Tuesday though, was brighter, as things were planned, and I had a purpose - to look back over my year, see it in perspective, that this blip was just that, a blip, and over all, I have achieved much throughout this past year. 

I had even planned my outfit for the conference, opting for power dressing and colour to optimise my positivity:

I had taken more photos that morning, but it seems it was rather dark in my bathroom, so these are the best ones!

This dress was ordered from SimplyBe, as part of my retail therapy the week before, and it does come with a belt, just not this one:
Now I think the thinner belt looks okay, but it does make the dress appear more of an empire line / smock type dress on me, but I think that is more to do with the size of my chest taking up more fabric than this 20 dress is designed to, and my height, meaning that my waist is lower than this dress is meant for. 

However, I do love it, and on this occasion I wore it with my black skinny jeans as it was cold and forecast for rain. 

My outlook for the rest of this week is looking up, mainly because I have little activities planned for each day, allowing me something to aim for, something to plan around, and most of all, a reason to get out of bed and get dressed in a morning!

I can't stress the effect chronic pain has your mental health. It is debilitating, it is tiring, and most of all, it is something you need to come to terms with and accept. I have accepted I will live with this for the rest of my life, but sometimes, it does get too much, and this week I think was one of those weeks. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. I loved that dress before but having seen it on you, I absolutely have to have it!!! You look gorgeous matey, and you have nothing to apologise for, you should never apologise for your feelings. We all just need to be little more considerate with our words maybe....? X x

  2. You look amazing lovely, the colour looks fab on you....and the whole ensemble just works, one of my favouritest blogger outfits ever, methinks!

    So sorry to hear that illness is kicking you in the proverbial atm, and I didn't spot the conversation to which you refer, but I reckon we all have off days, and its fair enough that sometimes we tweet and think later!

  3. Oh you look truly beautiful in this dress, the colour just works for you, positive steps are a great thing, keep making them, and if you have a blip, you know where I am for a chat. xxx

  4. The red in the dress suits you to a 'T'. You are always kind, friendly and generally lovely on Twitter and if you had an off day and felt irritable don't worry. We all have off days but most of us aren't going through the pain that you are. x

  5. you look fantastic in that dress. ^^ it really suits you!
    love the print and the colour. <3
    *sending positive vibes~~~~* MMxoxo

  6. Love this dress on you! Agree about the belt, although the thinner one also looks fab. You make such great fashion choices :-)

    Sorry to hear that you've been struggling this week and feeling a bit up and down. Let's hope you are through the blip and heading towards happier times - you definitely deserve it xxx