Friday 27 April 2012

Up and down and round and round

Today I had a reason to get out of bed.
I had a reason to get dressed.

I had a reason to leave the house. 

I was meeting a very dear friend for lunch today. I needed a reason to actually eat, and a reason to 'self care' this morning. 

I had planned to wear a different outfit, but it needs a little alteration, so I dug my trusty Beth Ditto dress, pulled on my even more trusty skinny jeans, and I was set!

It was a good start.

After a Chai Latte, and a Chicken and Bacon Arrabiata panini for me, and an Americano and the vegetarian option for Jackie, we wandered about our local highstreet, popping into Boots (picked up some gel eyeliner, mascara, and some lip tint!) and reminiscing about all the high jinx we got into some 9 years ago (trips to London for the day to meet Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or trips to Glasgow to see the Arctic Monkeys play the Barfly, or trips to New York to see Franz Ferdinand and the Futureheads)

As we parted ways, I felt happier than I have for a long while, and did some retail therapy in actual shops!

I had a £20 Dorothy Perkins card burning a hole in my pocket, so browsed their shoes, handbags and jewellery. I wasn't that impressed.

When asked if I wanted to get a store card, my response was - "you seem to have no 22s in store, and so don't think it would be worth it, do you?". Oh yes! Quite proud!

These were my spoils from DP - Peter Pan color necklace, pyramid earrings, and some rose earrings as well - £14.81 as there was 25% off jewellery at the moment. So still left with some pennies on the card unfortunately!

I also managed to pick up this lush cardigan for half it's RRP for £7!! Bargain!

And these patterns are my new PJs! I love M&S for their PJ bottoms - they're soft and light for summer - and they're the perfect length on my long legs. I got these for £12.50, but it was buy one, get one half price, so again, a bargain, of sorts!

It also means I can have a little 'nightwear' clear out! 

So, my little trip out today was well worth it, although I'm now home, in front of the fire, and feeling a little flat - too much too soon?

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Woooo!! You bloody tell 'em!! I love their clothes but they hardly ever have 22's in stock! Love that George cardi too been eyeing it up for a while! X x

    1. Don't try to get me to sign up for a store card if I clearly can't reap the benefits of it! She just smiled a smile that said "I don't care".


  2. Hahaha best response ever to a store card request!! I used to have to try and 'sell' those store cards and I hated doing it!
    I love the spotty cardigan, very nice!

    1. Haha, I know right? I just couldn't believe she was asking me to sign up! Silly silly woman xxx