Tuesday 10 April 2012

Bright Colours Ahoy!

For my wander about town with friends, I had picked out this: Lady Vintage dress as a nice alternative to top and skinny jeans. 

Unlike me, I was running rather late, and managed to still be in the house when the postman delivered this:

I had remembered to order this in my usual 22, rather than the just a tad too tight 20. I added a boyfriend cardigan, a pair of leggings and my pink flats, and I was set!

Now, I'll be honest, I felt it was a little low on the old chest, but think once I get a decent fitting bra, this will be remedied!

The aim of the afternoon was to catch up, and mooch about, looking for a dress for my friend that evening. Now, I do not recommend leaving dress hunting til the last minute ladies! Nope, not at all!

We went to:
Topshop (twice)
Next (twice)
New Look (I glanced at Inspire. I wasn't inspired)
River Island
Dorothy Perkins

Nothing. Well no, that is a lie. We tried stuff on. (I say we, she did, I was there as an onlooker only really, except in Top Shop:

Where I tried this medium jumper on. I think it is means to be ironic, but it is hard to tell I think! I handed it back to the girl as I walked out and said: Thanks, but it is too big. I couldn't resist it. Sorry.)

I finally suggested M&S in the hope we might find some separates that might help. We eventually found this:

And it looks nothing special here, but knowing my friend, she'll have styled it perfectly. 

I then toddled off home, threw a scarf around my low cut neck, and made it to church to reaffirm my faith en masse as part of Holy Week.

All in all, a good Saturday

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. you look amazing in this dress! I'd love to see a full shot at some point i adore the print :) xxx

  2. I really need to try one of these Lady V dresses!

  3. Love the print and your boobs look great in it!

  4. such a pretty dress and your boobs look fine - at least you don't get that thing with the bra peeking out. xXx

  5. you look great! i love that dress! kinda wish i had ordered it
    while i still had the chance. ^^ but lady v has
    so many beautiful dresses...just got two others. ^^d

  6. You look great in the dress. Love the idea of sharing old posts. It's nice to look back xx