Monday 31 March 2014

F&F Scuba Woes

When the team behind F&F True range offered me the choice of some of their new 'revamped' True (plus size) range, I was keen to try a little out of my usual style - which included this scuba paneled dress:

The colours, the style, and the material (as well as this picture), had my heart set on this being a dress to strut around the office in.. 

Sadly, it is a rather odd fit on me. 

The arms are way too tight, and the length sits a touch too short for my liking:

And you can tell by the rippling that the material is rather strained!

There seems to be excess material in the top part of the dress - and yet it is tight over my bust!

I feel like an oversized person in a minuture dress in this photo! I am not sure as to why! The fit over my stomach and bum may have been okay, if I didn't have both. However, I am blessed with both a bum and a bust and a bit of a belly, so I need all the material I can get! This size 22 just didn't quite meet the grade. I would like to try in a 24, but I've left it to late to return it. I may snap one up after lent is over mind!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. shame about the dress, the colours really brighten your face though.x

  2. I'm sure a size up would be fine- the bright colours really suit you. I am just loving scuba at the moment! x

  3. I love the print on this. It does seem that all companies' scuba items are too blooming small, I've heard it said a lot. You look fab, but I know if you don't feel comfortable in something yourself then it doesn't matter what anyone else says. x x

  4. Agree the colours look fab on you! Such a shame it's an odd fit, seems like so many clothes have a habit of never being properly sized!

  5. It's a great dress on you even if the fitting is off. The print is great and I love the color blocking. I'd deff. get a different one that you are comfortable in because it does look great!

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