Monday 24 March 2014

F&F True Blue

I am sorry my beauties, I really am. 

I'm now that horrible person who will be going "Hey, look at this great dress - you can't have it"!

I've also been a rubbish blogger - I was offered the chance to order some pieces from the new True Range for F&F, which I previewed here. I jumped at the chance to order - which was when I was in Turkey - and as a result, I'm late in posting this great dress. And, as is the down side of fast fashion, it is no longer available on line, although it may still be in store. 

This daisy print wrap tea dress is a beaut of a dress. 

The cap sleeves, the full wrap detail, the tie backs, and the clinging skirt, all come together to be a sexy, sassy and on trend dress:

Although the wrap detail was a little too sexy for my usual office look, so I added an earring to pin the dress a little higher up (I don't like sewing them shut, to keep my options open!)

The dress itself is a 22, and fits me very well, but I would understand if some people felt this was a small fitting dress - I like that it clings and is on the slinky side:

Not the best picture, but you get what I mean...

So, I have learnt my lesson - write up my dresses earlier (I have now washed it, and it's not shrunk, piled or lost the print - something I like to know before I praise a dress as much as I was planning on praising this).

I still have one more treat from the F&F range, and something extra for you all - keep your eyes peeled!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Although the item was sent to me to review, my thoughts and opinions are my own


  1. Great dress honey it looks gorgeous on you!!

    1. It'll be a wardrobe staple of mine I'm sure Mayah x

  2. Lovely dress m'dear! Hopefully they still have some in stores. :) x x