Tuesday 18 March 2014

Good thoughts and good vibes

There have been some great moves forward in the plus size world over the past 3 years or so. 

We had the Evans blogger model campaign:

 Simply Be bloggers designing a dress and modelling it:

The Golden Renaissance bloggers show casing the Simply Be Christmas party dress range:

 And many other examples of brands reaching out to bloggers and using them to great effect.

More recently, we've had bloggers having a try on of new ranges, make overs, and model shoots in online and paper publications.

And as such, there are bloggers who feel left out. Who feel they should have been given that opportunity. 

In some respects, I feel this is entirely natural. For all we're a community, and we support each other, there is an element of competition and a need for validation. 

I long ago settled that due to my location (too far from London), and my fashion style being not 'out there' enough, that I'm not high on the list for campaigns. 

Right from the start, I didn't set out for this place to be a platform for my modelling career (selfies all the way), or a platform for my writing career (I enjoy my actual career too much for that). 

So when it comes to jealousies, I'm rather harsh in that it's a sign you're not happy with your lot - and only you can change that!


  1. I really don't think i comes down to jealously. It comes down to isolation by brands.

    Yeah, sure id love to be picked for some of these opportunities, but I know the likelihood of that happening is slim, I know that!

    Feeling isolated is not the same as been jealous. and too many bloggers are too quick to jump on the "you're only jealous" bandwagon.

    1. Hey my dear,

      I didn't mention anyone by name, and was purely wanting to get some thoughts out about why I'm not jealous, and don't really get why some people are.

      Isolated is different, but again, we need to change that - join in, create events etc. Which you, more than anyone should understand, more than anyone :)


  2. I read an article about the fear of missing out and the joy of missing out recently, which was thought provoking. The link is here:

    I think the closeness of the plus community is the reason why we feel left out sometimes - when we do get an opportunity we yell it from the rooftops. However I do think you can wish you were going to an event without being jealous of the other people going. I often wish I was going to something but know even if I was invited I couldn't go due to money/health issues.

    1. Exactly, I've had to say no to far too many things due to distance & work that I now don't expect to be invited :D

  3. I'm pretty much the same Vicky, and it makes me sad when I see people moaning about other successes. x

  4. I agree Throony!!!! Well said.
    It is one thing to feel sad that you've not been invited but it is another thing to go out of your way to show outward signs of jealousy that other people have been. I don't get why people have to voice this type of bullshit on social media channels. If you have to be jealous, whatsapp your mates about it. Don't tweet rude shit the second another plus size blogger posts pictures/links to their most recent collab or project.
    The mind boggles.
    We all have insecurities and we all deal with them in different ways but what I don't understand is when people try to bring others down. It makes them no better than anyone else in our lives that try to do that all the time, like straight size brands etc.
    Also, negative comments came out straight after Callie and George released images from their Volup shoot. Now, these were just TWO INDIVIDUALS who happen to be bloggers thats Volup shot. What about the rest of the black, white, disabled, short, thin, fat people she shoots every edition. Why make an attack on two similar looking plus ladies.....jealousy. End of.


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