Thursday 20 March 2014

You Are Good Enough

It is a sad state of affairs when the term "You Are Good Enough" is a positive mantra. But it is. And it's a good one. 

We are all more than good enough:

Our faces are different, our style is different, our lives are different, but we are all good enough. 

Part of this idea was to identify a part of you that you love. I would have to say my face. It shows my feelings openly, it holds our eyes and so allows us to see beauty. It holds our mouth, so we can say beautiful things. And it holds our ears, which allows use to listen to the world around us. 

The ink on my hand didn't wash off easily, so I ended up going to Brownies with this on my hand, and I had to explain why. And I realised that I wanted this on my hand every meeting, to remind them all that we're more than good enough.

Other ladies taking part are:



  1. Awww I think its lovely that you continued sharing the message into the evening. I think its such an important message

  2. Great Message. Thank you! That is something those Brownies need before they are corrupted!

    1. Which is exactly why I wanted to talk to them all about it too. We are all amazing x

  3. Oh my word Vicky, NO! You are amazing and most definitely ENOUGH. Promise me you'll try to keep this in mind a little bit more x

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