Friday 7 March 2014

The Magnificent 7th: Sports Relief

The theme for this month's Magnificent 7th is Sport Relief, which makes sense as it's coming soon to a TV near you (21 March - I've just looked it up!). 

Sport relief usually means wearing red and white in the office, eating red and white cakes people are selling which are over priced and a little dry, but HEY, charity!

And if I'm going to go for Red & White, it has to be this little number: 

I do wear a black T Shirt under this as the cardigan is sometimes a little low, or a little short, but I suspect that is due to my busy stealing material!!

If you've forgotten, The Magnificent 7th is a fashion challenge, which will be posting on the 7th of each month (hence our name!), and the aim of the challenge is to create an outfit to fit a theme or a topic, ONLY using clothes & accessories from our wardrobes, and yes that does mean digging deep into the depths and finding those long lost clothes! Hopefully one of us won't end up in Narnia, but you never know with my wardrobe!

Check out these other fabulous ladies and how they are doing sports relief!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x