Monday 10 March 2014


This may be a post I write and leave in my drafts for months on end before deleting it, or something I press publish on straight away - who knows!

I've been actively giving something up for Lent (and managing to stick with it) for about 3 years now. Usually things like Diet Coke, chocolate, latte's from the office canteen. That kinda thing. 

I first tried to do it, and put the money I WOULD have spent in a pot, or at least calculate how much I would have spent.. But it wasn't that easy to do - would that need / want have turned into an actual purchase? Who knows. 

That was the first year. The years following it, I've done it more out of the ritual of the church calender. And this year is no different. When I made the decision to give up clothes buying, I didn't instantly think "oooooh, blog challenge", but I did share my thoughts with a few pals.

So, consider this my disclaimer - I am giving up unnecessary spending for Lent. That means in my food shop, in my wardrobe, and for my home. No unnecessary spending. I have ordered a few items while in Turkey, so they'll be waiting for me when I get home. But for the next 33 days and nights (or 5 more weeks almost), I plan for no unnecessary spends. It helps, I guess, that I'm craving the clothes in my wardrobe, that I'm really looking forward to eating out of my freezer (not in a restaurant. Please. No more waiters for a while...) and I can't wait to enjoy my house for a while, as it is.

Being away from home has really made me appreciate everything a little bit more than I already did!

This Lent is not a money saving exercise, it is something that I know is getting a little bit out of control, and something that I feel will push me and challenge me and make me think about why I'm doing this. 

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. I am with you, I must do the same x

  2. We have given up our private twitter account for lent, mainly for sanity purposes! We have been so productive - so solidarity my lovely! <3