Tuesday 30 April 2013

Double Take - Mother Edition

When the lovely people at Marisota sent me this dress to review: (post here):

They actually sent me two! I asked what to do with the extra dress, and we came up with the idea of a Double Trouble post, with me and my Mam. My Mam saw me in this dress and immediately voiced how it was "Her colours" and how she wanted to have the dress. This way, we both got what we wanted!

This morning, I styled it with a grey blazer:

My Mam styled the same dress, in the same size, like this:

Adding a purple cardigan for warmth, and because, she said, it matches the colours perfectly:

You can't argue with that!

If I'm honest, I'd have liked to see my Mam in the 18, rather than the 20, but I know she would not have felt as comfortable in that, as she did in this size:

On me, the peplum highlights the waist, covers my VBO (visible belly outline), and fits well over my bust and waist. On my Mam, there is a lot of loose material, but I know that this is how she feels most comfortable. 

Come the summer, I know she will forget the leggings, and instead show off her great bare legs, as at 5'7, she is shorter than me, so it sits just below the knee. 

She loves the print, and the fit of the dress, without it being too daring and although I think a size smaller would suit her better, I have to admit it looks cracking on both of us!

Thank you Marisota, for giving my Mam the chance to offer her opinions on this dress - and now we have to check to make sure we're not wearing the same dress whenever we meet up :)!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. You both look lovely and that is a fantastic dress xx

  2. You both look fab, and it just shows how versatile the dress is!