Friday 12 April 2013

Marisota Edit

When the lovely people at Marisota asked me to chose an item from the site to review, I was torn between two items:

I had a suspicion that the prom dress would be a great fit and would suit my style of preferred office wear. But, having just taken part in the #psbloggerschat, which that week had been trends. There were a lot of tweets in praise of the peplum and so I went for the Edit Print Peplum dress.

 I was so excited when it arrived, my instagram feed was bombarded with images:

The print immediately got a LOT of love and compliments - before I'd even tried it on!

When I did eventually try it on:

It was met with mixed reviews. I was unsure of the fit, wanting to try it with a different bra and to actually put some tights on! The main thought was that the peplum got lost in the print - that if it had been a contrasting block colour, it would have popped out a little bit more. Some thought if the neckline was a little different, it might look better. 

I wasn't willing to give up on it that easily:

See, tights and a better bra seemed to have made all the difference!

I went for the size 20, and found the fit perfect. The dress is a mix of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, which made the dress stretch without losing shape or print.

The skirt sits like a tube skirt, with no annoying riding up when walking (a massive pet peeve of mine!), and the peplum moves nicely when stomping around the office! 

If it wasn't for the peplum, this dress would make a mighty fine bodycon, so for anyone wanting to try bodycon, but a little self conscious, give this peplum a try for a bit of a taster!

The length is just about knee length on my 5'10 frame - although when sitting down, I did have to pull the skirt over my knees, but with the stretch in the material this wasn't a problem.

I swanned around the office effortlessly in this dress. I didn't have to worry about the belt slipping, or showing too much cleavage. I didn't have to readjust or fidget.

I was complimented a number of times on the vibrant print, on the cut of the dress and the usual backhanded compliment of 'you look slimmer' was rolled out once or twice but that is for a discussion another time.

I did try the dress with a belt, just for laughs and giggles:

And yes, you can see what I think about this from the look on my face! Worth a try though :)

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

This item was sent to me to review, but my words & views are my own


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  2. Hi, All your pictures are showing broken for me :0( if its the dress i'm thinking off it looks lovely on you x

  3. This dress looks gorgeous on you Kathryn :) thanks for the blog post. x

  4. Hi Kat,

    The dress is lovely and looks great on you! I like how it looks with black tights.

    Good post :)