Monday 22 April 2013

Shruggate response

This last week has been a little odd on various levels. Like today, and getting asked to boost social media for the company we work for. Like last week, when I spotted someone doing something unethical, and called them up on it. 

I was also challenged on my use of shrugs.

These photos have all been taken in the past week or so. It is April. It's rather cold up here in the North East, and working in an office with heating / aircon issues, I never know what to expect. 

I wear these shrugs as a permanent piece of clothing through the day, and often throw a boyfriend cardigan on top of it. 

When I was heading out to the DIY event, it was in a warehouse, by a river, where again I didn't know how my temperature was going to settle! I opted for no coat, but this shrug as the next best thing:

Now, Claire mentioned that she thought it added bulk to me. Whether it does or not, I don't really care. I'm not out to make myself look smaller - what would the point be in that?

Also, I'm arm proud, and more than happy to bare my arms, I just don't want to be freezing when I do it!

My shrugs are all from ExciteClothing in a variety of colours:

But my heart really belongs to the humble cardigan:

My favourite at the moment are those from Little Miss Delicious, and I'm waiting on this to arrive in Navy:

So you see, whether I wear shrugs or cardigans, or go bare armed, it's for a reason. And that reason is my own. 

I hope you don't think I'm attacking anyone with this, simply explaining where I get the shrugs / cardigans from, and hopefully, explaining things a little.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Some folk wanna hide their arms. In my case they are vastly outta proportion with the rest of me so a cardigan/shrug is an essential. I really dislike the plus size bloggers who dress as if theyre a size 10. Fine line between being body proud and looking like sh*t Well done you

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  3. Oh who really cares? *yawn*

  4. I too love cardis and shrugs - think they give you confidence to wear lovely dresses if you are self conscious about your arms which I definitely am. You look amazing in all your pics so take no notice and carry on inspiring us all. :)

  5. I also love cardigans and am rarely without one over a dress-I live in scotland and its bloody cold here for 8 and 3/4 months of the year! Keep rocking the cardigans!

  6. Nothing wrong with a good shrug or cardigan most of my dresses are worn with a cardigan over the top and I am determined to get a shrug from excite clothing!

  7. Looking fabulous in these shrugs.. You know you have a great sense of latest fashion clothes.. I love it.. :) xoxo