Monday 8 April 2013

The Magnificent 7th does Monochrome

The Magnificent 7th is a new fashion challenge, which will be posting on the 7th of each month (hence our name!), and the aim of the challenge is to create an outfit to fit a theme or a topic, ONLY using clothes & accessories from our wardrobes, and yes that does mean digging deep into the depths and finding those long lost clothes! Hopefully one of us won't end up in Narnia, but you never know with a bloggers wardrobe!

Now, the observant amongst you will be looking at their calendars and thinking "but it is the 8th?" - yes, I am a day late in posting!

The theme this month is Monochrome. Something I thought I would be able to manage, given the past love of black. And actually, I really struggled!

My first outfit was one that immediately popped into mind. It is a dress my Mam gave me a month or so ago, mainly to use when singing with the choir (as we have to wear black & white). Perfect:

Dress - Donated, but originally from Sainsburys
Shrug - Excite Clothing
Belt - Charity shop
Tights - Gifted from Simply Be

Erm, no. 

I wore this to work on Tuesday, first day back after the Easter break, and with the purple tights, shrug and necklace, it failed at the Monochrome. Also, that belt really didn't work with it.

Oh well, live and learn. 

Wednesday saw me really get into the Monochrome though:

Skirt: Collectif

Same with the failed attempt, I waltzed into work rocking the Monochrome. A colleague even said that it looked bright and colourful, even though it wasn't! How perfect is that!

I added a grey jersey blazer, from ASDA last year:

And of course, when doing Monochrome - red lips are a MUST!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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  1. You look FAB! I love the grey blazer and the ickle badge :) Also red lips look amazeballs on you xxx

  2. Stop wearing shrugs. They don't suit you AT ALL.