Thursday 4 April 2013

Scarlett & Jo: Skater LOVE

There are times, when you see a dress, either in a store, online or on the back of some lovely people, and you just KNOW it was meant to be worn by you. The colour, the cut and the detail, all speak to you. 

It might sound silly, but that is what fashion does, it makes you realise that the right clothes are out there, and when you find them, you KNOW. 

And when I saw this Scarlett & Jo (an amazing collection for Evans) dress on Rosie at a blogging event, and later on Becky

If you saw this post, you'll have seen me trying this dress on in Evans in the Metro Centre. We just happened to be walking past it, and I wondered if they had this dress in stock, as I wanted to try it. When it slipped on easily over my head, I knew it was going home with me to my wardrobe!

I had a Diamond Wedding Anniversary party coming up, and wanted something a little bit different - and this fitted the bill perfectly. 

I wore it with my studded colour necklace from Simply Be, black tights, and Viva La Diva T Bar shoes in Navy.

This was on Good Friday, which had been a frantic day of painting - which is the clothes you see on the chair in the background. Oops!

The fit and the cut of the dress in the 22 was perfect on my 46"-41"-50" measurements. 

The dress is obviously, rather low cut, and I was hoping to maybe get to wear this to work at some point. So, the following morning, I tried it on with a cami underneath:

As you can see, this is now perfectly respectable and, frankly, adorable for wearing to any number of events - work, shopping, tea with my Grandma... :)

This dress was £40, but at the moment, Evans have a 24% offer on. Go grab yourself a BEAUTY of a dress!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. After i seen this on you, i wanted it as it looks amazing, sadly it doesn't look as good on me.x

  2. That dress is amazing. Don't know if it's only because you wear it. ;) You look great! xoxo

  3. You are such a bad influence!!! After seeing this dress I had to order it for a night out with the girls from work, anyway, it arrived today and I absolutely love it, it fits like it was made for me and what's even better is that I got 25% off - BARGAIN!! Thank you x