Saturday 4 May 2013

Project D London for Simply Be

When I was asked to be a part of a Take Five post for the new range at Simply Be, I was giddy! The whole range appealed to a different side of me, from my Working Girl, to my girly whimsy, the capsule collection was something to get a little bit excited for!

We (Mhairi, Rosie, Hanna and Toni) quickly agreed on the Rockafeller Tunic to review, and being black, was something I was keen to play about with!

I've been wafting around in my kaftan / tunic for about a week now, testing it, trying with different styles and looks. I was planning on getting in on Friday night, and styling it out, but my head cold had other ideas, and that is why I'm a little late posting!

Here is a wafting picture I took earlier in the week!

In my wafting, I had decided to... cut off the strings, and cut the ties connecting the sheer kaftan with the slip underneath - I was tired of getting into a tangle whenever I needed to adjust!

The slip looks like this:

with adjustable straps which meant that the top of the slip actually covered me!

Now, enough about the slip!

I ordered the 22 tunic, for a slightly oversized feel - so the skimpy tunic meant you felt you were wearing something a little more shapely, creating a rather interesting contrast to the tunic itself. 

Dark and moody! It was sunny, I promise!

I added a statement belt on a whim, and rather liked the result. The dress does come with a tie belt, but I wanted to make a little bit more of a statement with it.

I'm planning on wearing this dress tomorrow, for a BBQ / Gig / Club night affair, but wanted to style it for you all today, even down to my face:

So, make sure you check out the other lovely blogging babes who took part in the challenge with me:

Much love my lovelies, 
K x


  1. I love the addition of the belt x

  2. The tunic is gorgeous and it looks amazing on you! x x

  3. Love the tunic with the belt. Looks great on you. <3 xoxo