Tuesday 7 May 2013

The Magnificent 7th Floral!

I can't believe how quickly the next "7th" rolled around! Our theme this month is Floral, and I've had difficulty narrowing it down to just one outfit!

In recent weeks I've had 3 success stories with floral print:

This old Evans number (from Summer 2010), teamed with my Little Miss Delicious cardigan is a perfect spring time combination!

This Lady V London dress (from last Summer), again, teamed with my Little Miss Delicious cardigan, is great match for either days in the office, or nights out on dates!

But I wanted to show you this:

If we can pardon the funny face, and the fact that the sun was shining so much that I had to close my ineffectual curtain to try to block it out a little!

This is the dress I pick up when out shopping (post here), and this was it's first airing!

The whole point of this challenge is not to buy something new just for the purposes of the challenge, but honest guv, this has been in my wardrobe all this time!

Now this was when the sun was shining but the heat wasn't turned up, so I added my trusty shrug:

An instant shot of summer, and the vintage floral print is just a perfect late Spring dress!! This will happily take me to the office, but also out shopping! 


  1. Love them all!
    Great as always! :)

    Mary ;)*

  2. Looking fabulous as always x

  3. God I would love to rob your wardrobe! Love all of them, and your Little Miss Delicious cardi is so cute! xx


  4. I love all your dresses. the last one looks great xxx

  5. They are all fabulous dresses and you look great xx

  6. Fab post! That cardigan is too cute! xxx

  7. Kathryn you always get it right!! x

  8. Florals are my favorites! I really love all your dresses, very cute outfits.

  9. loving all the floral print, you look lovely in them all! Especially love the last one! xx

  10. Love your blog! I have just discovered it :)

    Lorilee xoxox

  11. Isn't lady v london great? They have a sale on at the moment so I placed an order yesterday :)