Thursday 16 May 2013

Pale Colours, and Cut Out Collars

We've all heard the 'rules', haven't we. Fat people should wear black, avoid print, stay away from bodycon. Slowly I am shaking off these rules, and wearing what I want to wear, how I want to wear it. 

Recently, I've noticed my clothes loving heart singing at the lighter range of colours. Pastels, beige, heaven forbid - WHITE!

My recent dalliances with pastel colours involved this dress from Simply Be:

I loved the idea of being all buttoned up, but still showing flesh! I was concerned though, that with the buttons, I'd be in a gaping situation - and it is a pet peeve of mine that most of my shirts need to be worn open with a cami underneath as the buttons gape - but after a chat with Becky and Rosie, I decided to give it a try. 

There is some pulling at the buttons, but no signs of gaping. I was sold! 

Unfortunately though, I was wearing this with a full cup bra from Elomi, which meant this happened:

I didn't find the brown lace that much of an issue, as it complemented the pale hues in the dress, but I knew that this was discounted from being a work dress!!

After a trip to Bravissimo for a fitting and a couple of plain white / black bras, I tried the dress on again, adding my new denim jacket for added style!!

(Heart Shaped Brooch is c/o Twisted Siren)

And no bra showing!! YAY!! The Bravissimo Satine is my go to plain bra for the moment!

Now that I have a plain moulded cup bra, I was also able to wear my new Glamorosa item - the lovely layered shirt tunic!

Pictured here in the coral, I opted for this in the Nude, and as always, went for it in H - K (having recently refitted as a 34J, I knew that this was still a good fit option for me!). 

This top is an ideal top for me - it fits my bust, pulls in my waist a little, and is wonderfully floaty and almost romantic in the way the material falls on my thighs. 

I waltzed around the metrocentre all bare arms and proud and LOVED it - but I think that was mainly to do with the fact that this top fits under my arms. Most sleeveless tops gape at the underarm, showing your bra to the world - another reason I rely on shrugs and cardigans - but the better fitting items DON'T. So don't be settling for tops that gape, thinking that they fit - as they should fit snugly under the arm too. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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  1. Love seeing dresses on REAL figures so Thanks!