Tuesday 14 May 2013

Life is too short

I spent a lot of my early blogging days moaning about how short a lot of dresses were on me, often sending them back with a heavy heart. 

I think of those dresses I wore once, and then panicked and sold on because, again, the skirts were too short. 

Since I have moved out of my parents, and I can choose outfits without the beady eye of my Mam saying it is too short, too tight, too revealing, I have noticed a definite shift in my dress choices. 

I think it all started with this eBay bargain - ex-Sainsbury's stock:

A dress that had been in my wardrobe for about a year, but certainly not worn as often as it should have been. Because, you guessed it, the Mam voice in my head said it was just too SHORT:

TOO SHORT? If this is too short, well, it is going to be my go to dress / skirt length then!

And then the flood gates opened, mainly down to this lovely skater skirt from Simply Be:

Ta dah - a girly skirt, and comic book tee - what more can you want for a casual Friday at work!

It has also meant that dresses I'd normally wear with leggings for a little more leg coverage, I'm now more inclined to wear with tights:

It has only been a short time since moving out, but the change in my day to day (even if we jsut look at fashion choices) has been palpable. My knees are no longer the enemy. 

Whilst out in the Metro Centre with Rebecca of Sullenhearts fame, I sneakily tried this beauty on:
And reader, I bought it! £9.99 for a plain skater skirt - where is the harm in that! So, my next casual Friday outfit will feature this I reckon!

Life is too short to allow other's opinions and expectations drag you down. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. LOVE it and they look fab on you

  2. Love the comic tee and skirt combo. Looks great.

  3. Love the dresses and skirt, especially the orange dress. I get self conscious about dresses being too short, but I have brought a few shorter dresses recently and I'm trying not to worry about it, life too short as you say :)

    The geek shall inherit the earth

  4. The orange dress is a great colour! :)