Monday 2 March 2015

Style Challenge and Spending Ban Update

I originally thought I would blog my outfits weekly (hence this post), but found I lost my creative styling around day 6!! 

I've relied heavily on things I usually pair together, with the odd exception:

Which was mainly due to the awesome duster jacket, and the fact I want to wear it always!

We're now at the halfway mark, and I'm rather impressed I've been able to stick with it this far!! I was expecting to get bored of it by about 20 days, but I think we're just over the halfway mark and I've still a full wardrobe of things to play with!!

The left hand side is the unworn section, the right is what has been worn and washed... Lots left to play with!!

I've noticed I've a lack of tops to team with jeans, so think I need to investigate this after the spending ban, but right now, I've perhaps got to put the jeans to one side for the rest of the challenge. 

When it comes to spending, this hasn't been that hard to stick to. I mainly meant to apply it to clothes, but it has caused me to question a few spends, although not the purchase of the MAC lipstick from the Simply Be promo. 

I honestly can't believe I've lasted this long on both counts. I've opened and closed many a shopping window, and found nothing I liked on the first couple of pages on the ASOS Curve page!! I'm hoping that this challenge just gets me to be a bit selective at the buying stage in the future. 

Much love my lovelies!

K x


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    1. It's a beaut isn't it! Perhaps could have sized up but much <3 for it xx