Friday 20 March 2015

Denim with a Twist

The words "denim jacket" always bring to mind the same shape to me - the classic shape:
Which is great for the cool summer nights, but I'm in the market for a transition jacket - one that is lightweight but a little bit more practical. 

This Parka by Curvissa hit all the right boxes in what I was looking for - a hood, longer length, but still lightweight and summer-y. 

The new denim collection by Curvissa is more of the same - taking classic ideas, and giving it a bit of a twist - from the pinafore dress to the denim trenchcoat!

Teamed with a summer tunic, I opted for the double denim look, with my bootcut jeans:

I opted for this coat in a 24, as my sizing experience with Curvissa was a little hit and miss, and I have to say I feel it's little tight to wear with layers, but with this lightweight tunic and jeans, I feel it's just about right!

There is a zip fastening which goes the length of the jacket, but by just fastening the press studs I managed to avoid the bunching at the knees! 

While I see me wearing this open more than anything, as that way I can show off what I'm wearing underneath, it is nice to know that I actually can fasten it to no great sacrifice to style or looks should I need to!

Thanks to the Curvissa team for allowing me to take this collection for a test run! See what the other ladies chose of the new Denim Collection:

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

I was gifted this item, but my views are my own


  1. I really like this, I always struggle to find light jackets for spring and I've ended up wearing my waxed jacket for about 5 years. Always good to size up with denim too, not much give.

    1. It hasn't been off my back since I wore it on Friday!! It's lovely and lightweight too! x