Monday 23 March 2015

A Jean Style For Everyone

If you've been in a social media sabatical, I'll forgive you - otherwise - where have you been?!

This weekend saw the launch of the 7 Bloggers competition - for your chance to win one of the 7 Style of Jeans shown above, all you have to do, is tweet with the following hashtags.

By rights I should be asking you all to vote for my jean type, but I can't bring myself to do it! All the jeans (and the women wearing them) are amazing for different reasons! So make your choice, tweet your favourite style of jean, and be in a chance of winning a pair!

1 - Bootcut - #evejeansgirl

That's me! Look, in all my glory! Wearing the long length, and looking rather short next to Em does make the jeans look a tad too long for me, but I'd rather a too long jeans leg than a too short one!

2 - Skinny - #chloejeansgirl

The gorgeous Em, looking super stylish in her skinny jeans.

3 - Flared - #phoebejeansgirl

The agile Steph, with her jumps (HOW HIGH!?) and perfect flared jeans - I had a pair of these from before the campaign was even mooted about - and I wish I'd got the longer length jean here too.

4 - High Waisted Skinny - #lucyjeansgirl

Another Steph, this time wearing the high waisted skinny, which I'd be interested to try myself - looking very sultry in the middle of us!

5 - Wide Legged - #pixiejeansgirl

Shali, the giggler of us all, judging by the photos of the day, killed it in the wide legged jeans - which looked perfect teamed with her platform boots.
6 - Relaxed Skinny - #sadiejeansgirl

Hollie, the beautiful sweet Hollie looked BANGING in the relaxed skinny, whether they were turned up or left down.

7 - Boyfriend Jeans - #chelseajeansgirl

Mrs Casual herself, Becky, was the perfect choice for the boyfriend jean, and, with their added element of distressed knee, would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

So, don't choose Eve Jeans because I've asked you to, choose any of the above jeans because you want to win them!

Get tweeting, sharing your love of #sbdenim and this amazing campaign

Much love my lovelies, 

K x 

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