Wednesday 11 March 2015

Hillary's Blinds Craft-ernoon

All dressed and ready to head into Newcastle for a hedonistic afternoon of crafting! I was promised tea and biscuits, and had envisaged that I would come away with idea's for the Brownies to complete! That's enough to tempt me out of the house and away from my Sky Plus box these days! Bright and garish and on brand, ready to meet with some local bloggers, and have a crafty afternoon planning world domination - or how not to bleed on the fabric!

The idea was that the lovely team behind Hillary's Blinds would donate some of their new material for the crafting, and the team behind Crafty Hen would work out some easy (!?) crafts for us bloggers to complete. 

Pretty good plan so far! 

The Jazz Cafe was looking lovely as always:

And as I headed up the stairs, I was met by Shaun, from the Joe Bloggs team, who had kindly invited me to this Crafty Craft-ernoon!

I was also met by the delightful shout of 'I thought I recognised those footsteps on the stairs', from Becca, one part of the organising team behind Blogger Teaspoon. We quickly got a seat next to @nefamilylife and admired the table set up:

The room quickly filled up, and we all welcomed each other like long lost pals - some of us clearly knew each other well, and others not so much, but it was lovely to see bloggers start conversations with 'We spoke on twitter last night!' (which is how the lovely Sam introduced herself to me!)

The task was to back one of the lovely books on our small tables with any of the array of fabrics:

I opted for that art deco style material in the geometric print, and then went about selecting my embellishments! Check me out using the right words! 

After sitting down, and realising the difficulties with the size of table, I turned my chair into my workstation, and I got cracking!

Oh the woes of pattern matching! I struggled with my print for a number of reasons, not least the pattern matching, the thickness of it (would make a great blackout blind!)

I had to improvise, adapt, and overcome when it came to holding the material in place - pins just wouldn't go through this amount of material!

And after burning my fingers with the glue gun, stabbing them repeatedly with the needle, I produced this notebook cover (reuseable):

Sadly, my attempt at a bird really wasn't successful at all (still working on that at home), so I stole Rachael's for a picture opportunity:

Here we all are, some more stressed / harrassed / zen than others, but we all accomplished something today - and I for one am proud of my Art Deco inspired notebook cover, even if it did take a lot longer to produce than most!

A big thank you to the Jazz Cafe, Hillary's Blinds, The Crafty Hen, and especially to the Joe Bloggs team for the invite!

Hope to see all these faces again soon, without the blood, sweat and tears!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. e how hilarious was this day! I couldn't believe how hard I found it to make a book cover haha! Yours turned out so well :D xxx

    1. Ha, thanks!! I'm proud of it, not going to lie!! x

  2. I was invited to the Birmingham one and wish I had gone now as this looks like such a fun afternoon! xx

    1. Ah Nikki, it was great! It's also cool to see non-plus size bloggers - although I got a bit anxious beforehand x

  3. ha ha it was a really fun afternoon I managed to burn and stab myself too -my book cover was okay but my bird was another story haha fab post and it was nice to see you x

    1. My bird isn't even finished!!!!! You're doing better than me! x