Thursday 28 May 2015

My Approach on Interview Wear

I had the fear last week. The actual fear of 'I don't have anything to wear'. 

Now, we all know that is a lie, as we've seen my wardrobe!! But, readers, I genuinely didn't have anything to wear for a job interview. 

I have super smart things, but unfortunately, due to a client visit, I'd recently worn them in the office, and as such, didn't hold that 'dressing for a special occasion' feel that I was hoping my interview outfit would afford me. 

I'd worn this black grid dress (no longer available) just the previous week, otherwise it would have been an ideal choice (worn here with my Voodoo Vixen Glasses Cardigan):

And in a brief lunch time meeting, I'd worn my Simply Be Check Dress, meaning that was also out of the picture (again with my Voodoo Vixen Cardigan)

So when I remembered the Look Magazine for Simply Be dress, in cobalt, was hanging in my wardrobe (having snapped it up on the Crazy Clearance website a couple of weeks before), my 'I have nothing to wear' crisis was over. 

Instead it was replaced by the blazer question - do I wear a blazer? Or stick with my trademark cardigan?

Now, this is where my interview dress philosophy really comes into play - don't try to be someone else in an interview. You want to be as comfortable (but smart) as possible. And so, no blazer, but I treated myself to a new cardigan from M&S instead:

Teamed with my reliable Clarks (mens) brogues, and I was set. 

My interview was in the morning (all morning), and I actually enjoyed it. By mid afternoon I had my feedback. 

Readers, I got the job! 

It's for the same company, but a greater challenge, and in a different account. I am super duper excited. 

And I'm sure being relaxed and comfortable in the interview played it's own part in my success. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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