Thursday 14 May 2015

Coffee With a Twist

To be honest, after my last visit to a Joe Bloggers event, I was surprised to be invited back! And to one that involved alcohol! I mean, the last event left me (mildly) burnt and bloody! And the challenge I did for them muttered the now infamous line 'WHAT ABOUT THE MINT!', of which I'm reminded often!

But no, another exciting email landed in my inbox, inviting me to have Coffee with Currys (does coffee even go with Tikka Masala though?!)

Off I toddled to Revolution Vodka bar in Newcastle, having dropped the car at home - allowing me to fully enjoy the cocktails on offer!

I opted for my lush Lady Voluptuous Lyra dress, and Black Heart Creatives 'Miss Kathryn' necklace. I teamed the teal dress with MAC lipstick in matte Heroine, which I've not talked about on here, but I LOVE that it is long wearing and not shiny!

I was SET!

I had hoped to meet up with my awesome NE Bloggers pals (Rachel, Lou, Lucy, Libby, and Alice) beforehand, but ended up dashing straight to Revolution from the metro and being met by the super friendly Joe Bloggers team and escorted to our VIP area!

It is always great to be welcomed into the NE Bloggers fold - they really are an accepting lot! 

Photo courtesy of @thecuriosityfox

After sampling a Salted Caramel Latte cocktail (with added Vodka), in our cocktail half hour, we then got to the gritty of the event - the COCKTAIL MAKING!

We were ushered round to the other side of the bar, and in teams of 5, set about creating some cocktail masterpieces and messes!

I was with the delightful Rory, who patiently talked us through how to make the Honey Fee, a coffee based Cocktail with Honey Jack Daniels as the base. 

I was super impressed by the willingness from the bar staff to make allowances for coffee, gluten, milk intolerances, cleaning equipment in between times, and really making the girls feel at ease. 

After quaffing back 2 cocktails, and maybe stealing some of other peoples (see the below image with the lovely Alice), and having a shot, before any food, meant I was a little merry, as I chatted away about politics (it was election night!), body positivity and general awesome chat!

After the business of making and drinking cocktails was done, the food was arranged lovingly, and was swiftly demolished before anyone could even think of taking a photo! 

It then got onto the exciting stuff! Who was going to win the prize for best tweet and best photo?!

Erm prize? Sorry, did I not mention there was a prize?!

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, with thoroughly awesome people! 

It was great to see such a mix of bloggers, from foodie bloggers, to fashion and beauty bloggers, to male bloggers, and to see just how awesome and welcoming we all are!

A big thank you to Joe Bloggers for putting the event together, and to our mixologist coaches, Rory and Josh! Oh and Revolution Newcastle for being an awesome host!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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