Monday 1 June 2015

#BloggerPearJoy - The Build Up

When the super talented Laura contacted me about taking part in her Collaboration Experiment, I jumped at the chance, The brief was to showcase the talent the North East has to offer, with a vintage twist.

Well, that's right up my street I thought! 

Actually, no, I didn't, I squealed and got super excited about the vintage styling! We had a wonderfully productive styling meeting, getting the whole 'style' element of the team together:

Me, tucking into that risotto I mentioned in this post, along with the beautiful MUA Emily Emmett, and Alice trying really hard not to laugh!

The team that Laura Pearman, of Pearman Photography, managed to put together just goes to show the wealth of talent in the north east!

I remember stepping out from the meeting, and feeling a weight lifted, knowing that the wonderful Nichola English, the Wardrobe Provocateurgot me!

We talked of flared skirts, and waist cinching, when I kindly pointed out that I didn't mind VBO, and that I was from the school of 'F**k flattering'. 

She then showed me this image and I knew I was in safe hands!

We were going to opt for quiffs, and sneakers, with frilly socks and neck scarfs! So a powerful mix of femme and masculine.

Putting my own mood board together, to share the meeting and the vibe of the shoot with instagram, Nichola assured me it was what she had in mind.

Coming onto the production meeting, which was also to be our fitting, we finally got to see what vintage finds Laura and Nichola had lined up for us all!

The standard of vintage WOW, all sourced from It's Vintage Darling (from my home town of South Shields!), was astonishing! The day time wear was all genuine vintage, with vintage reproduction for our evening looks.

Sadly, with most vintage stores, there was nothing over a size 20 for me to wear, BUT that didn't mean I couldn't marvel at the wonderful pieces the lovely Rachel, Alice and Laura had to wear, as well as Ann Marie, our chauffeur, and Laura P, our photographer.

And it didn't mean I would go naked either! Obviously!

Head to any social media platform, and search for #bloggerspearjoy for some candid shoots from the day... more will be revealed later!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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  1. Looking forward to seeing them sweetie :) How exciting!!