Friday 4 April 2014

Bon Marché David Emanuel Rose Print dress

When I was at the Bon Marché Newcastle Store opening, I was very lucky to also be offered a dress to review from the store. In this post, I explain just how many items I tried on - there were so many to choose from!

After much deliberation, I chose the Rose Print Side Pleat dress from the David Emanuel range:

I didn't actually pick this one up first of all, but the lovely Hannah had it in our changing room, I thought I would give it a go.

I wore it for the office, and didn't have any problems through the day - the cut of the dress means it stays put! I'm rather frustrated with dresses or outfits I have to fuss with. Necklines I have to adjust, skirts I have to pull down, or sleeves I need to keep faffing with. 

I also stole (borrowed) the jacket from Hannah's pile of clothes, because I wanted to see how the colours sat together - WOW! Much clash, great match!

While I was prancing about the store (that is the technical term, yes), I bumped into none other than Mr Emanuel himself (Oops!), who approved of the fit and the cut of the dress!

I also came across this lovely lady, who was also rocking the dress, after seeing me prancing about the store! 

I'm sure you'll agree, she is an absolute BABE in this dress, and loved my stopping her for her photo. I saw her as she was leaving and she was so happy to have bought the dress!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. I love the dress you look fabulous xx Well done for inspiring someone else to buy it and I agree the other lady looks amazing. I also get cross with clothes that need constant fiddling with as well!! x

  2. Aww the dress looks great on both of you. I'm loving the print

  3. N'aww I loved that little old lady, she was so pleased to have her picture taken!
    You look bitchin' but I told you already when I was there ;)

  4. aww I love that dress the pattern is amazing x

  5. That dress is lovely and you look bloody gorgeous in it! x

  6. I bought this dress and have still to wear it. I love that it works for older and your just a good fashion item should! ❤️

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