Thursday 17 April 2014

Because We Want To!

Why do you blog - because I want to. 

Why do you wear makeup - because I want to

Why do you eat chocolate - because I want to.

I am a single woman, who is well in her rights to do, quite frankly, what I want to do!

You may have seen some discussions going around about the competition in the blogging community as a whole. And how this may effect the validity of any reviews we write.

My personal view is simple: I blog because I want to. It is as simple as an urge I need to satisfy and bam, a post is written and publish.
What I mean is, I don't blog for the review items, for the event invites or the promise of publicity - I blog because I have some thoughts I wanted to put down, and oddly, you all seem to like reading them!

If you don't like my selfie photos taken with an iPhone camera - front facing one at that sometimes, just don't read - take me off your feed, and it'll make your day a little less angst filled. 

Do I wish I had the chance to do a full on photoshoot with a tripod every time? Sometimes, yes. But you know what? A selfis shows the item off just as well as a tripod!!

So, next time you get angst filled, and angry at someone, think if it's someone you care about, and do you want to talk it through with them. Or do you just want to unfollow to see if they notice?

Also, sorry for the ear worm :)

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. I properly have an ear worm! Gah! xx

  2. Well said! I've been reading all these posts ad nauseum from women who didn't place in this competition here in Australia and I can't help thinking, blog because you want to, not to win prizes!