Wednesday 14 November 2012

'Evans above!

When Evans had an offer on their branded ranges, I had to have a peak. 

I was still off work, and thought I would while away a few minutes scanning my options...

I 'accidently' bought 2 items, to 'test the waters' as it were. 

It is now back to the main price of £65, but I was lucky enough to snap it up for £35:


I love that this size 20 cardigan fits well over the bust, without hiding the waist, although I have worn it like this:

whilst out at the dentist and a little bit of shopping with my Mam and Grandma at the weekend.

I was conscious of the beading detail, and worried my seat belt would cause it a mischief, but then that serves me right for going out without a coat #northernlass. 

Just look at the button detail? Just a nice touch and I do love the combination of this mink coloured cardigan and my purple Lady Vintage London Swing Dress

As an extra 'luuxious' touch, they' partially lined the cardigan, creating a waistcoat effect, where your arms are the only part of you making contact with the 14% Angora. 

And there you have it.

Much an improvement on my last dalliance with the Clements & Ribeiro Collection. 

Did you pick anything up in Evans recent glut of offers and discounts?

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Got a dress myself, the Clement Ribeiro Celia. It's gorgeous but I don't think I would have paid the full price of £75. Such a shame that the range is so expensive!

    Rachel x

    Ps. New to the blog but LOVE it, thanks!