Tuesday 20 November 2012

Popping my Collar!

You know when you see an item of clothing, and just see yourself in it? You can picture how it would look and you project it to everyday situations? 

Well, this happened to me when Simply Be posted their latest 'On trend' pieces on their Facebook page. It was this dress:

It reminded me of this dress:

Which was sent to the big dress home in the sky and I do miss it terribly. 

I may have a lot of dresses filling my wardrobe, but I'm not sure they actually fit our company policy for 'Business Dress, Casual'.

This embellished dress from Simply Be, however, seemed to perfectly fit the bill: on trend; smart; stylish. 

And this is why I fell for this dress: the vintage-esque print, and embellished collar. 

Oh, and did I mention flattering?

The skirt has a slight flare (not as far as a skater or full skirt, but it is an A line cut)


As you can see, on Naomi, this dress actually fastens up to the neck. On me, not so much! 

My Mam was rather forceful in her belief that this dress should be returned for a larger size. "But," I countered, "It fits everywhere else". She replied with a glare. 

[The observant amongst you may have noticed my work badge and lanyard - meaning this dress fit perfectly into my office dress code, and had me feeling amazing in it.]

EDIT: I've been asked to remove the photo as it has my work badge displayed. [/EDIT]

It was my first full day in our main office for about 6 months, so I needed something comfortable, as well as something that made me feel amazing. This dress did all that and more.

I even got over my fear of showing my knees!

And here is a photo of me in a different dress - because I forgot to snap a photo of my lush 'fatness' necklace from the lovely Chloe at

After my wonderful (and I mean it), day at work, I headed off to my house to show J my humble abode. Cue picnic:

And my black tights are suddenly purple!! I do think they work with the green dress though.

But, the main event last night, was Dee Dee and her EP launch. I mentioned this beaut here, but last night was something else!

I picked up her signed EP (which can be bought here - not signed though!), and again marvelled at her merchandise. This is a lass who looks like she is about to cry on stage one minute, and then has a laugh and a joke with the crowd the next.

This is mirrored in her merch:

There is also a 'SHAH MOAN' one. Classic. 

I've said before that I'm not a music journo. I can't put sound into words. What I can do, is tell you how it made me feel. I had goosebumps from start to finish, and can only say this: if you like your music powerful, poetic and dark, give her a listen. She is on Spotify, and when you have Ben Hillier as your producer, you kinda think she's destined for great things!!

And there you have it. 

A dress that took me seemlessly from work, to picnics, to gigs at the Baltic, is a keeper with me!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

This item was sent to me to review, and all my words are my own


  1. looooove the dress! <3 you look amazing in it
    and the print is just gorgeous. ^^d
    cute matching with the purple tights. <3

    1. I'll keep you updated on the purple tights update! xx

  2. i tweeted the same when i saw this dress i really need this dress !! xx

    1. It was the stand out piece for me. That collar ALONE is stunning xx

  3. I love the green dress. I have the same issues that sometimes it fits everywhere bar the chest area. Now though I don't mind, as different tops under neath can change up the look!

  4. You know...the only thing that matters is that you feel good in it. I really like the way you ended up wearing it, because otherwise, if you're like me, you would feel TOO BUTTONED UP. Then, I'm always pulling at the collar.

    It looks lovely on you.

  5. That dress looks GREAT on you! I don't understand what your mam's problem with it was. You were wearing a cami underneath, so the neckline was modest and professional. The cami actually makes it even better; the solid dark color sets off the print and balances it at the same time. That dress is perfect for you. Congrats!

  6. i've ordered this dress can't wait for it to arrive x