Monday 26 November 2012

Simply Be's Blogger Edit

When I was contacted by Simply Be to see if I wanted to take part in their Christmas Party Dress challenge, I was keen to join in. 

I have a few staple dresses which have been my 'go to' items in the past, but, with the year I've had, I was hoping for something a little more outside of my comfort zone.

And when I saw this from the Gemma Collins Range:

I knew that this would push me well and truly out of my comfort zone!

Oooooh, so pretty! 

The pink underneath is the brightest, hottest pink you can imagine, and the lace detail sits perfectly. 

The sweetheart neckline sits wonderfully on my 36H chest, and as you can see, even I'm surprised about the overall effect!

Once I've pulled everything down and wiggled (literally, wiggled) my way into this dress, I've all set and ready to go!

To ensure a smoother (not slimmer, or smaller) silhouette, I'd probably team with my Simply Yours high waisted control pants:

And when I say high waisted, I MEAN high waisted!

They do a grand job, smoothing my tummy, and giving me a pert rear:

I won these as part of George's big giveaway in February, and I'm so glad I finally have GOOD shapewear.

I am surprised by how much I do love this dress. It is something completely removed from my usual choice of style / colour / fit, but I think that is why I can see myself wearing this. I'm becoming a person who WOULD wear something like this!

There you have it. 

I'm so honoured to be a part of the Simply Be Blogger Edit, and glad I went outside of my comfort zone with the dress! Va va vooom this Christmas!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Please note, I was sent this item to review, but all my comments and opinions are my own


  1. whata lovely dress , shapewear is a godsend !! well done for pushing your boundries as you look fab xx

    1. Awww, honestly, thank you. I can't wait to actually WEAR this xx

  2. That dress looks SLAMMING on you and I really want those knickers! Well not those *exact* ones... this could really turn into a different thread of commenting :S

    1. Ahem, thank you! (I think!) I charge extra for those EXACT knickers!

      I can't believe I actually have the confidence to wear it!! :) xx

  3. You look fan-bloody-tastic in that dress!

  4. wow what an amazing dress and i think i need some of those keks x

    1. Get them! I can't recommend them enough! Perfect for smoothing things out! xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you my dear!

      A very nervous Kathryn pressed publish! Now I don't know what I was worried about xx

  6. Hey... sexy lady, whoop, whoop, whoop (Gangnam style)