Thursday 22 November 2012

Dress Down Dilemmas

Being out of the habit of actually getting dressed (PJs don't really count, do they?), when it was announced that Wednesday would be a dress down day, my heart sank. Not sang, nope, SANK.

I've been doing a lot of work on the house lately, and wearing scabby work clothes... I had to stop myself for reaching for them - I'm really becoming a creature of habit!

So, armed with this skirt in teal:

I tackled the simple matter of what top to wear...

I settled for an old Ziggy Stardust tee, to really go out on the 'dress down' theme for the day.


I really like this combination. 

And, confession time - this is my first item of 'maxi' clothing. I don't have a maxi dress, and I've steered away from maxi skirts  for no reason other than 'when would I wear them'... Well, looks like I've answered that question!

What I like about this skirt, is it doesn't cling to my bum, or my tum, but hangs really well.

The picture had lulled me into thinking it had a bit of a flare to it... not to be deterred though, I persevered, and embraced the cling!

I felt confident and casual in this outfit, not at all worried or anxious about the cling. Whether that is testament to the skirt, or how much this blog has helped me challenge and push myself, is hard to tell!

I think Ziggy approved!!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

The skirt was sent to me to review, but my views are my own


  1. Love the skirt. It looks really comfy but that t-shirt is amazing! xx

  2. Such a quirky combo. I really like it together :)