Thursday 9 January 2014

Short, Tall and In Between...

I was chair dancing away to Short Fat F**ny (I know what Google searches are like...) and I had a bolt of inspiration...

I'd put together a crack pot team of different sizes (about 5 sounded a good number), and we could review petite, standard and tall ranges! 

So the hunt was on for my team!

To join me in the world of 'tall', I enlisted the beautiful Em, from @thesmyth, and blogs here.

For my petite beauty, I coerced the bombshell that is Sera, from @sera_McDaid, the pint sized fashionista.

I thought I'd go for 2 'standard' ladies, but there is nothing standard about these two:

The young'un that is Meg, gorgeous @theclosetofmeg, who's 'closet' I would happily get into here!

Last but certainly not least, the wonderfully outspoken and opinionated and beautiful Leah, from @justmeleah_blog, who you can see writes from the heart here.

Now you know the background, what is actually going on here?

Well, I sent over my proposal to the team at Simply Be, and offered to review any of these:

When we were all sent this dress, we were impressed by the print, and rather excited to see how it turns out!

The print really is a perfect winter floral mix! 

The sleeve option is a lovely touch, with the option to roll up, and then attach them at the elbow, or have them down for the added winter warmth!

The material is a thin cotton, so it would be perfect with a slouchy cardigan or body warmer on over the top if you were a little on the cool side!!

I ordered the 20 Tall - and was a little apprehensive about the button detail from the neckline to the waist - I'm rather tired of being on button watch to see if any had popped open! But if I'd sized up to the 22, the overall dress would not have been as good a fit. As you can see from the pictures, the gaping is minimal anyway.

Now then, THE LENGTH!

I stand at 5'10, and while I don't mind the odd dress that looks like this:

I am more than happy that this dress sits here:

This photo was taken after a wash, and yes, there was little bit of length lost in shrinkage, but it is still 'respectable' as my Mam would call it!!

It is however, a little low cut - so be aware of that if you're of the busty persuasion!!

I've worn this twice now, and kept it simple - the tie back on the dress does enough to define me in my opinion - and I added the Owl necklace I picked up from Turkey.

Go and check out how this dress works on the rest of the Short, Tall and In Between ladies:

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. that looks lovely on you! im the same height as you and often have problems with dress lengths!

    Catherine x

  2. It looks fabulous on you and yes, very respectable! Loving the owl necklace too. xxxx

  3. It really does suit you and I do think it flatters your shape moreso than mine but it's definitely wearable on all shapes!
    Had a fab time Kathryn, truly hope we can do this again! xx