Wednesday 15 January 2014

F&F Colour Block Dress

In the run up to Christmas, I was lucky to win the #santaselfie competition ran by @clothingattesco which meant I got a £25 e voucher to spend online. 

The 'good thinking' part of my brain said to wait til the Sales to see if I could get more free clothes for my £££. I scouted the site and put a few items in my basket, but opted to wait and see.
And instead, I fell for a new item of clothing: The Colour Block Dress.

Oh my!

Peter Pan collar - CHECK
Flared skirt - CHECK
Bold colour - CHECK
60s style - CHECK

So reader, I ordered it!

It might look amazing, and different, and lovely but:

Look at my arms - rather tight and uncomfortable
The definition at my waist is lovely, but I can't really breath. 
The bust is clearly squashed. 

Also, the zip isn't even fully fastened at this point. 

Sad times indeed. If this was was available in a 24 (I'm wearing the 22 here), I would snap it up to try and hope it resolves most of the above. 

The dress itself is a heavy ponte material, but fully lined (so no stretch), but definitely worth the £28 price tag!

It was also worth using my voucher on to try this dress out.

If you are thinking of ordering this, I'd suggest sizing up, especially if you're a little on the busty side. But I will say one thing - you need to try this dress!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. I really really like it, except for the little black colour block sections. I think they ruin it for me.

    1. Hi Char,

      I love it, and those little navy blue sections make me feel more like it's a pinafore... If that makes sense?


  2. love the dress shame they don't do bigger size x

    1. This is what I would love the 'True' range to have in it - whimsical and pretty and pastels and things x

  3. Of all the hideous clothes you own, this has to be the most hideous. This dress is VILE.

    1. Hi Anon,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I'd like to ask that if you choose to comment in future, that you reason behind your opinion. You are quite happy to continue visiting here, and commenting on my posts, but if you could be a little more descriptive, I would be grateful.

      Thank you, in advance,


  4. Please note that I did not say anything about you as a person. I simply said that you own some hideous clothing, and in my opinion, you do. Your opinion is that your clothes are nice. I am allowed to look at you and think they're awful. Agreed?

    Now, I noticed that the first thing you did when you got this message was post it to every single form of social media you could find. This allowed your followers (or as they should be more rightly called, your "obesity epidemic apologists") to call me as many names as they could think of inlcuding asshole, troll, horrible, twunt, pathetic, jealous (yeah right!)

    So, I'm not allowed to comment on inanimate objects without being laid open to their vitriol, is that it?

    The colour of this dress is awful. The cut is awful. The material is awful. It doesn't look nice on you. It doesn't even look good on the model it is shown on. The white panel adds unnecessary bulk to the dress. The neckline is unflattering for someone with as many chin as you have. Shall I go on...? Thought not.

    1. Hi Anon,

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment - it really means a lot that you hide behind your 'anonymity' and so wonderfully attack me. That, I believe, does make you deserve my friends (yes, I have friends, something you may not quite understand) vitriol.

      What I don't quite understand, is why do you follow me so closely? If you knew I posted a screenshot on my IG, you must follow me there. And all my other social networks means you must follow me there also.

      Please, unfollow me. It'll make your life less hate filled, and my life less troll filled. As yes, you have trolled me, whether intending to or not.

      Thanks in advance,


  5. Wow - may I state how rude the "anon" poster is? If you were brave enough to share your opinions and not hide behind "anon" to insult Kathryn it'd be a touch more acceptable.

    We don't always have the same tastes, agreed? However, should I come across a blog where the blogger isn't wearing items to my taste then I simply do not read,

    It is worrying that you're able to see K's social media in that you may be a "friend" or "follower".

    Suggestion for you - there is an unfriend/ block button for a reason. I'm guessing that you're unwilling to out yourself for fear of being blocked by a lovely lady and having not much else to do.

    1. Thank you Michelle, for these wonderfully kind words. Be careful though, you may get labeled an Obesity Epidemic Apologist...

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