Friday 9 August 2013

Western Style, Take 2

Last week I published my take on the Nashville / Rodeo trend in this post. There were some interesting comments about my lack of ironing (actually laughed out loud at that one), and about the gaping buttons.

Gaping is a pet peeve of mine, when it's clear that a bigger size would solve the issue. I keep this to myself though, and certainly wouldn't go about 'gobbing off' at people who have the odd gaping button. 

At a 34J (in the bra I'd've been wearing at the time), I'm bond to have a gaping button or two, just as I happen to have in this dress:

It is a pretty, versatile, Kathryn type of dress!

I frantically tried it on:

And it wonderfully just slipped on. It is a full skirted, full on dress. (I did need to press it a little with my hair straighteners!!) 

I wore it to do Brownie Holiday preparation, and it is an easy dress to throw on, and walk out the door in. It doesn't need much styling or thought, but that is one of the reasons I love my dresses: they are a complete outfit with little planned needed!!

I'm wearing to for work today, and I did venture to make it a little different:

As you can tell, not by much! Adding a cardigan and a nurses belt does not a whole new outfit make!

The weather was dark and dreary, and this dress cheered me up. Not in an out burst of colour, clashing prints, cheery detail, but in a simple, stylish, "get me, I'm wearing something on trend and feeling GREAT!". 

I added my now trusty Barratts brogues:

And nurses belt:

And wore it with a non padded bra, and look! No gaping! It does through movement / my lanyard but can easily adjust and get on with my day!

See - Happy Kathryn looks Happy!

The Rodeo trend is one that may well be staying with us for a few months yet, and if you just want to nod your hat at it, rather than jumping straight in, give this Chambray Shirt dress from Simply Be a chance! You may be surprised!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

This item was sent to me for review, but the views are my own.


  1. You have such a gorgeous sense of style. Hopefully I'll have the nerve to follow your lead next time I go shopping :)

    1. Awww Anna, so nice of you to say. Little steps first and follow your own style & likes.

      K x

  2. Oh wow, this looks great! I wanted that dress myself, but have been too scared to order in case of the boob gaping!

  3. Gaping is my pet peeve too especially as like you say it's obvious a size up would solve it. Some bloggers must be oblivious, the number of posts I've read where they say it fits perfectly when it is obvious that it doesn't is unreal. I keep my comments to myself though because I admire their confidence in the first place.

    Love this dress. I love seeing how you wear things as we are a similar height. Sometimes I see something on a blog and think oh yes I've got to have that but they are way shorter than me and it looks more like a mini dress when I try it on.