Friday 16 August 2013

Peaches and Jeans

You may have noticed that I am very much a dress girl. A 'throw on a dress, pull on some tights, and hop out the door' girl. I like how easy it is, but at the same time, how, with my short hair, the feminine dresses are balanced out!

I have two pairs of jeans, a black jegging type, and a blue wash skinny/skinny jeans

But they didn't light my fire. They were my 'I need to wear jeans' jeans. 

NOT my 'I WANT to wear jeans'. 

When given the option to choose some items from the Simply Be website, I was keen to try these Slim Legged Peaches Jeans, after Bets, at Arched Eyebrow, raved about the Chloe Skinny Jeans.

I was very excited when I pulled these on, and the high waisted goodness sat at my waist, and skimmed my thighs, but weren't tight on my calves, or saggy at my knees!!

And look!! It fit this!! I opted for a 22, after an unfortunate incident with a different pair, but I might have managed to get away with 20... maybe!

I wanted to give these jeans a thorough test drive!!

The first outfit was ideal - slim jeans, Glamourosa tunic, and these pointy shoes from ASDA. A great start!

Then came another tunic, this time with a print, bright cardigan, and I was set to go! I was getting the hang of this jeans thing!

And then something a little more out of character - jeans and a tee shirt!

The jeans don't dig in, they don't slide down, they don't show under my tops. They could well be the Holy Grail of jeans!!

After three wears, my jeans were due a wash - which they did well, and no colour run, or shrinking. 

Ta-DAH!! I love my new found happiness in my jeans. I'm not going running back to jeans and a tee combo, but it's great to know my options are expanding!! 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

These jeans were sent to me to review, but my thoughts and views are my own. 


  1. ok, from one girl to another, your bum looks amazing in those pics! :-)

  2. Yay! This has inspired me to try some myself. Also, THAT BUM <3