Tuesday 27 August 2013

Skater Dress Obsessed

I am a firm believer, that if a trend comes along that you LOVE, buy it, buy it all. Why? Because in this age of fast fashion and trend savvy buyers having winter coats on sale in August, you never know when your favourite tartan trousers, or embellished ballet pumps will be gone. 

I am feeling this way about skater dresses. Otherwise known as the fit and flare look.

My wardrobe is full of them. Heck, my blog is inundated with them!! I often face the 'skirt is too short' fear with them mind, but then STUFF THEM, and strut about regardless!

When Yours Clothing contacted me about reviewing an outfit, I loved this:

Not realising that it would be a skater fit, but with a longer skirt, for those who don't have the Stuff You Strut quite yet!

As I said, they were kind enough to offer me an outfit, and having thrown out too many flatter than flat pumps, I was keen for a shoe a little more lasting:

These were just the ticket - with a slight heel, but not a back crippling one, and a sturdy feel, I have hardly had these off my feet! I ordered my usual 8, but with the EEE fitting, a 7 probably would have done. 

I would love to pair this combo with bare legs and a jacket like this:

I have worn this dress a number of times, either for the office, or for Saturday's pottering about town. 

I've made it a 'Kathryn' outfit, by pairing with cardigans and blazers. 

The dress may not be one of the most fashion forward dresses I own, but it is a great dress, which hasn't shown signs of wear or shrinkage so far:

Little Miss Delicious Cardigan
Vintage navy nurses belt

Worn with the belt which came with the dress
Navy Blazer from ASDA, past season
Tatty Devine Button Necklace, past season

What I'd happily wear as a simple monochrome print dress, I've been able to dress girly, or office smart. Next time, it might be with a denim jacket. Or if I get my hands on one, a pleather jacket maybe. 

This will be a staple in my wardrobe for many seasons to come I'd guess, allowing me to dress it up, down, all around, depending on the occasion!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

The dress and shoes were gifted to me, but my words and thoughts are my own. The shoes ROCK! And I'll probably end up wearing them out in a season or two! :) x

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