Wednesday 7 August 2013

Magnificent 7th - BBQ

I might have missed last month's challenge due to my head being somewhere else entirely, but for this month, I have a little treat for you!

I would wear this sweet, sweet heart neckline, ice cream print of a dress.

You'll have seen it on a number of bloggers, rocking the fact that it was designed by one of our own, the adorable Lauren. It was chronicled wonderfully by Simply Be, from the initial meetings, the design process and the photoshoot, so the anticipation for their range of blogger designed dresses was high. 

This dress of Lauren's was always going to be on my lust list, with the bright, vibrant, novelty print, and it's fit and flare skater cut, it sang out to me. 

I've worn this to work twice, and to an Engagement party, and it gets so much positive attention that I can't help but feel it's a positive dress, made by positive people, with a positive outcome. 

The theme of this month's Magnificent 7th is BBQ, and this dress is perfect to start during the afternoon, and take you through to the evening:

To then becoming caught on camera doing things like this SOBER:

This was on a day when I pretty much MELTED, but if it turned chilly at the BBQ, I would so much so ROCK this:

Don't forget my dears, to check out the other lovely team of Magnificent 7th, posting today, on the 7th of the month, using items already from our wardrobe!


  1. "a positive dress, made by positive people, with a positive outcome." Aww, yes! That's made me so happy! You look lovely :) xx

  2. It's a tremendous frock and you look terrific in it! x