Friday 1 February 2013

Stripes and Prints

I had planned to wear this today. There was meant to be an after work thing happening, so I thought this would take me nicely from work to the thing.

When this got changed, my outfit choice changed. 

I pulled out this dress, and tried to style it when I got in from work yesterday. When digging about looking for a bright coloured shrug, I pulled out this cardigan:

I picked it up when I bought my New Year's Eve dress, and instantly forgot about it!

When I spotted it again last night, I was keen to pull an outfit together around it. 

This got popped onto Instagram (MissKathryn84) this morning, and I have to say, it makes me feel like I can take on anything. Including awkward work situations. 

Someone tweeted me to say how fab it was, and how slimming it was. Which surprised them as it's all horizontal stripes. 

Now, I love this because of the colour, it's different, it reflects the vintage in me, without being too out there - I didn't buy it to be slimming.

I also don't subscribe to the 'rules' that say clothes should be flattering or slimming. I'm fat, deal with it. 

I'm wearing my ! print skirt, which is now terribly faded because of the amount of times I wear it, and a belt I bought from Caroline.

There is a black top underneath, which is a work logo shirt, in case the material proved too hot in our office - it isn't - but I needed to be able to take this off if the temperature rose!

I know belts are a contentious issue, and I do have days when I can't face wearing one:

And this is what this would look like without the belt. 

I'm mainly wearing one as I ordered this skirt about 2 sizes too big, so I need something to hold it up! But as you can see, the black detail at the waist just sits nicely at my waist, and does provide a good contrast.

Same pose, with belt:

And there you have it. 

An outfit that made me realise why I love fashion and our independent designers are doing amazing things for us plussize ladies!

Happy Kathryn face!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Super cute outfit !
    I love horizontal stripes :)
    And i love anything remotely nautical
    Launa xx

  2. omg how cute are you? I have no idea why I wasn't following you before, but now I am^^

    Stripes just make everything better, don't they? I especially love it combined with the genius print of the skirt :)

  3. I think you might misunderstand "fat" acceptance. One must be fat enough to challenge common perceptions of fat. You're just adorable. That top makes your boobs ROCK, btw.

  4. P.S. As is the rest of the outfit of course!

  5. I really want that cardigan! I also am in love with your glasses. Where are they from? X