Friday 8 February 2013

Killer Curves in the Office

I've had this tee shirt for a while now - in fact I bought it as soon as it was released by the lovely Betty over at 

Stupidly on my part though, I stuck it with my working jeans, and it quickly became a 'I'm working on my house' tee shirt. 

How silly of me!


I'm wearing it in the office!

It's a 'dress down' day in honour of one of my colleagues, and so, I thought I would rock out my Killer Curves tee.

The tee shirts are available here, with slash necks as well. I've never got on with slash necks in the past, so went with this standard shape.

Invasion of the Killer Curves indeed!

On Wednesday, you may have seen that 4 fabulous ladies took part in a styling challenge with this tee as their theme:

I had had thoughts of wearing this tee in the office, but always discounted it on ground of, well, how would I wear it. 

Being in  'mid move' mode, more than half of my clothes are still at my parents. On Wednesday I threw some more into a box and hurried home. 

When two items fell together. My black skinny jeans, and this tee. At which point, an idea was born. 

In my head, I would look like Sandy at the end of Grease, in her tight pants and skimpy top. Instead of a leather jacket I decided to pair it with my green Little Miss Delicious cardigan (available here).

Not seen are my leopard print flats to add a hint of glamour to the outfit. 

Once my red lippy was on, I knew this outfit was a winner for today!

Quite the accident really!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. I love when an outfit just pieces together by accident !
    You look great :)
    Launa xx

  2. Love this outfit, the tshirt is awesome and the cardigan is such a lovely colour. You look fantastic xx

  3. Love love love the cardigan!! Such a cute outfit!

  4. It looks amazing! Yay for happy accidents! I love t-shirts with cardigans. I must try it myself. Little Miss Delicious' stuff is sooo cute. xx

  5. A great outfit I love the colour from the cardigan xx

  6. Lovely casual outfit :) Great t-shirt!

  7. Ahhh.... Sandy at the end of Grease! That is one of my all time favorite looks (that I've been wanting to emulate since I was 8.... Down to stealing my moms pumps and hoop earrings). I think your outfit is quite awesome! Love the t-shirt!