Monday, 5 January 2015

100 Days of Outfits and a Shopping Ban

I've not come up with a fancy name for this challenge, but not only am I partaking in a 100 day spending ban, starting today (more information on the ban can be found here), I'm looking at not wearing the same outfit for 100 days. 

Although, to be honest, I do think that with wardrobes like these, it's not that much of a challenge!!

Tops, skirts and cardigans



No repeats of dresses or tops, but skirts are okay to be repeated. Also this dress, as it's a basic basis to so many options!

Day One

I reckoned it called for something a little bit special, so my Modcloth dress of POCKETED dreams:

Along with these cute ballet pumps from George ASDA, bought pre-ban (promise!)

Let me know if you're joining in, but don't blog, in the comments. Also follow our progress on Instagram:

And on the hashtag #100daysstylechallenge 

Much love my lovelies,



  1. I might join in. I was thinking of doing 30x30 again soon but this could be another option. I will have a think and let you know. xx

    1. I just figured that this was a little easier then 30 x 30, and went quite nicely with the spending ban idea xx

  2. I love the sound of this challenge.. l think l will take part x

  3. What a fab idea! If I didn't have a holiday in the middle of it I'd be really keen to have a go - even if my wardrobe is a bit more limited!! I'll give it a go next time...! :)

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