Wednesday 10 December 2014

Winter Weddings - Evans

I have the great pleasure to be attending a winter wedding next week, and, whilst I have had my dress since Easter, I am still open minded as to whether it will be my actual dress for the day! 

Here I opted for Scarlett & Jo Prom dress as my starting point, and as it's on the 19th December, a jacket is a MUST.

This crochet shrug has the potential to be lacklustre in real life, but the images on line give it a bit of something

Now, shoe wise, I know we'll be dancing all night, so went for these contrast loafers. Add these cute 3D Dot Design tights - for prettiness and smartness!

And finally, this snowflake look-a-like White Flower necklace to stand out against the black sheer neckline.

Cute combination, making me a little rueful that I've already made my outfit choices!! 


Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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