Thursday 27 November 2014

Life Hacks

There is the click bait that you just roll your eyes at, and then there is the click bait that just have to click. 

For me, anything with the idea of #lifehack in it is BOUND to get me clicking - can I make my 'Living alone with all the house work to be done' life any easier?!

And frankly, I find them either very American, or unrealistic. I mean, who has left over coffee to freeze to make frozen coffee that doesn't get diluted? (Not me, but then I don't drink coffee anyway).

Who here has such a thing as left over wine as well?! I don't drink wine either, but if I did, no left overs here!

And so, I wanted to share with you some hacks I do - which may not be right, or ladylike but I certainly find them useful for my pocket, and my time!

  • I have been known to just add more cat litter to the tray if it needs changing - which I usually realise as I'm running out the door in the morning!
  • Buying the budget meal for a family of 4 and eating nothing else for the rest of the week (£6.50 for at least 3 portions of tea? SCORE)
  • Buying new knickers instead of putting a load of washing on - I had a fault with my washing machine - okay!!
  • Using hair straightners to iron a collar 
  • Charity bags (I swear I get 3 through the door a week) as a bin bag - I've saved a pretty penny on bin liners!
  • I clean the shower while I'm in the shower

I'd share more with you but I'm scared I may have lost any respect you may have had for me!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. I do exactly the same as you and clean the shower when I'm in it. Makes so much more sense.

    Ironing collars with hair straighteners is positively *inspired*

  2. Haha I get some WEIRD looks when I iron collars with straighteners. Saved my husband a heap of time when hes put the iron away to find his collar isn't sitting right!

  3. these all make perfect sense to me. also rather fond of the kitty litter one :D

  4. Yes to the shower one, especially if it's over the bath like mine. Eff clambering back in to clean it afterwards! ;) xx