Sunday 23 November 2014

Suddenly Braless, and in need of a lift...

This time two weeks ago, I was happily minding my own business when I suddenly found both sides of my underwire had attacked me. I was covered in small red marks where the little bits of metal had escaped the centre gore, and was rubbing on my skin. 

On taking it off, it looked a little something like this:

Image taken from a Google image search

"Ah, that's okay", I thought, I can just push them back in and that'll be that. 

Work the next day, cue repeated trips to the loo to take the bra off, push the wires back in, and put it back on again. No go there then. 

And so, my one good bra (I have a white one that hurts, a comfy one that doesn't really support, and a 'going out' bra which offers added Ooomph, but doesn't fit), went to the bra haven in the sky. 

After scraping through last week wearing an assortment of the above bras, something needed to be done!

I hunted through my many bras (most worn a couple of times and given up on for one reason or another), and came up blank. Until I remembered, in some odd moment, I had purchased a baby-doll, which was languishing in a corner somewhere.

In this weather especially, this baby-doll has worked a treat, adding an extra layer (without anyone being any the wiser), as my bank balance crept closer and closer to payday. 

Why did my underwire break free in the first place though? Why was it so cruel as to leave me in the lurch like that. I machine washed it. 

I usually don't. I'm good like that - and after paying £27 a pop for a bra, I don't want to waste it to too high temperatures and vigorous spinning. But in a fit of pique, I threw it in the machine non-pulsed. And paid the price. 

Although I now have 2 new bras on their way to me (thanks to Amazon - I was doing my Christmas shopping anyway!), I mustn't forget my baby-doll - bra first, cami second!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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  1. On the verge of this happening as well. Although I've never tried to push them back in because it never worked for me. The bras I love at always like 60 bucks a pop which is why I have like two that i rotate during the week, I have to get hella creative when my bra does break though.