Friday 4 January 2013


fat fat fatty fat fat

Honestly, a year ago I would never have dreamed that I could write that word, never mind use it in conversations, and identify myself as being... Well, FAT.

I used to cling to the euphemisms for all I was worth: voluptuous, curvy, full figured... Slowly I started using plus size. 

And then the amazing Cynthia, over at, was talking about the Rad Fatties of the Yorkshire (I think...?), and I suddenly found myself identifying at a rad fattie, but only in certain circles. 

Slowly, step by step, I found myself dropping the F Bomb everywhere! I use it at work, at the hair dresses, at parties. Everywhere. I don't aim to use it to shock people. I'm claiming that word back. It's not a harmful word to me any more. If anything, the word 'obese' strikes more pain in my heart than the little word 'fat'.

I call myself fat - it just trips off my tongue now. I don't mean it as 'Oh my, I'm so FAT and I hate it'. It's just a descriptive word. "I'm too fat to shop there, but I have some great fatty friendly shops I go to".

See. There is a difference. 

Now, I'm not saying this word doesn't have a lot baggage attached to it for me. But I've pushed that to one side, and I now find it funny when being called fat on the street - cos you know what? I am. And I'm happy. 

Really though? That is all that matters. I am fat and happy and proud. For the most part, that is down to this lovely blogging community and you lovely readers. 

For that I am thankful. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K xx


    The first time I called myself fat at college all the (silly, obnoxious) girls got all upset and said things like 'oh, don't be silly, you're so gorgeous' wah wah wah. I explained to them that being fat doesn't mean I'm not gorgeous. I am fat. It's a fact. If being a size 22/24 and weighing what I weight doesn't make me factually fat then...I don't know what!
    I'm doing slimming world at the minute (for various reasons) and even when I'm at my target size I'm still going to be considered fat and that's perfectly okay with me. I just wish other people were okay with it! xxx

  2. A very interting post! really made me think.....I have spent the past year as a retailer of plus size fashion and you are right the language used is a bit of a minefield! If you say customers laugh and say 'Is that a nice way of saying FAT?' If you same plus size it causes confusion !?! I even tried using 'real size' and that caused offense from the skinnies (or should I say slim people!) Its all very confusing!! However, I don't think I am ready to start calling myself FAT......and probably not my lovely customers either!!